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Cornerstone Legal Services serves several hundred clients and firms per month throughout the state of Alabama; including Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville, Mobile, and other surrounding areas. We service everything from court order subpoenas, service of summons, complaints, garnishments, legal notices and even rush court filings.

For more than 20 years, we have represented the standard of service providing the qualities that our customers have demanded: Speed, Affordability, Service, & Consistency.

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Cornerstone Legal Services utilizes electronic handhelds on all service attempts.  Our process servers are able to capture time-stamped photo and audio recordings as well as GPS coordinates of service attempts and completions.  For our customers, these technological requirements are a must in order to ensure that our professionals are providing the best quality service to our customers with the most accurate and complete information.

Cornerstone Legal Services is one of the largest process serving companies  in the U.S.  Our experienced team brings a very important skill set to the table including: being problem solvers, bringing experience and technical knowledge, and a commitment to get things done as promised each time.  They are also familiar with local and out-of-state service requirements and court appointments of servers.

Using Cutting Edge Technology

Corner Stone Legal Services provides solid serves and real time updates.

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